More Project Ideas

Right after hitting publish on this post, I realized I had left off a couple of other projects I want to work on around the house this summer.  I’ve been so crazy about sewing kids clothes, that I had totally forgotten about these.

#1) Throw Pillows for the couch.

This one is mentioned on my list without any details.  Right now, our couch is in desperate need of throw pillows.  I started a couple of crocheted pillow covers back in January that I’d like to finish.  In addition, I want to also sew some pillow covers that I could change depending on my mood (and thus, the Martha Stewart link).  Right now, I’m leaning towards sewing a mix of holiday pillow covers (like this or this), quirky pillow covers (like this or this) or travel related pillow covers (like these).  The tough part of completing this project will be narrowing it down and keeping it within my budget.

#2) Framed Maps for the dining room wall.

This should be easiest of my additional projects since I have most of the materials already.  Six months ago, I bought a set of frames at a garage sale.  Next up, I want to stain them espresso and put in new pictures.  I’m leaning towards maps like thisthis or this, but nothing is finalized.

and finally, a biggie…

#3) A Tree Skirt.

I know it’s only June, but during the holiday season, I simply have no time to sew.  Thus, it’s been several years of me simply throwing some loose fabric under the tree and calling it a “skirt.”  If I’m going to be ready this coming Christmas, I need to start now.  The problem with this project is that I haven’t seen any one tree skirt that made me say, “yeah, that one!!”  I’ve seen so many great ideas that I’m just not sure which direction I want to go in.  So far, I’m loving some sort of combination of thisthis and this.

Definitely, some of my original projects may get bumped in order to give me time and money to focus on these ones.  But that’s ok because I’m super excited to tackle these… if I can ever make up my mind!


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