Sew Cheap Summer Challenge Final Update

It’s that time again… time to update the Sew Cheap Summer Challenge List.

WAIT???  What about the 10th project?  What about the gathered clutch I had promised to sew???  Sadly, it did not happen.  I tried, but time ran out and, if I’m honest, so did my drive.  I have the pieces cut out, so maybe I’ll still try to make it.  However, for the purposes of this challenge, I’d rather be truthful and tell you it didn’t happen.  And you know what?  I’m ok with that.  I’ve really enjoyed the push of having a public goal like this challenge.  And I’ve had a great summer sewing up all sorts of projects for family and friends.  I will definitely set a goal like this for myself again; so in my book, the challenge was definitely a success!

Turning back to the point of this post, here is my original list of 10 sewing goals for summer updated to show the changes I’ve made and the projects I’ve completed.

  1. Tiny Curtsy Skirt  Completed 6/21
  2. Easy Baby Dress Completed 8/30 (was going to be the Itty Bitty Baby Dress )
  3. Infant Peasant Dress  Completed 6/27
  4. Summer Stripes Skirt  Completed 6/5 ( was going to be the Reversible Wrap Top)
  5. The Party Dress  Completed 6/13
  6. Gobble Gobble Turkey Shirt  Completed 8/29
  7. Gathered Clutch DID NOT COMPLETE 
  8. Felt Fringe Christmas Tree Skirt Completed 7/6 (was going to be the Mooshy Belly Bunny )
  9. Lamb Pillows  Completed 7/24 
  10. Pillow Cover Completed 8/30

In my July update, my spending total for the summer was $34. With these final four projects complete, my updated total spent for the summer was $65.50. Not bad for a summer’s worth of sewing!

Overall, this has been just the motivation I needed to get going on my ever-expanding list of sewing to-dos!  And I would highly recommend others to try this for themselves in the future!!


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