Hooked on Hot Pads

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately.  I don’t know what it is- the heat, the reduced work load, something repressed from my childhood- but I can sit for hours and watch reruns.  Total time suck!

To assuage my guilt a little, I’ve been trying to crochet or knit during these epic viewing marathons. HOWEVER…. I can’t take on any larger crochet or knit projects because I have two pillows I’ve been putting off for months and it just wouldn’t be fair to them.  (Anyone else feel like they can’t start a new project because they’ve been neglecting an older project for months? Please say I’m not alone in this!!)  So what’s a TV viewing gal to do?  Crochet a hot pad, of course!

Who: This one is for my family to enjoy.
What: I was inspired by Sew Take a Hike’s tutorial here.  I found a tip here about using freezer paper when sewing crochet onto fabric.  What a lifesaver!!
Cost: Nothing.  Again.  Sorry!!!  I had several bits of yarn from previous projects- so this was a great stash-busting yarn project.  For the fabric, I used a very well-worn pair of khaki pants that I had in my throw away pile.  It was perfect- so soft, but still very strong for use in a hot pad.