Hooked on Hot Pads

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately.  I don’t know what it is- the heat, the reduced work load, something repressed from my childhood- but I can sit for hours and watch reruns.  Total time suck!

To assuage my guilt a little, I’ve been trying to crochet or knit during these epic viewing marathons. HOWEVER…. I can’t take on any larger crochet or knit projects because I have two pillows I’ve been putting off for months and it just wouldn’t be fair to them.  (Anyone else feel like they can’t start a new project because they’ve been neglecting an older project for months? Please say I’m not alone in this!!)  So what’s a TV viewing gal to do?  Crochet a hot pad, of course!

Who: This one is for my family to enjoy.
What: I was inspired by Sew Take a Hike’s tutorial here.  I found a tip here about using freezer paper when sewing crochet onto fabric.  What a lifesaver!!
Cost: Nothing.  Again.  Sorry!!!  I had several bits of yarn from previous projects- so this was a great stash-busting yarn project.  For the fabric, I used a very well-worn pair of khaki pants that I had in my throw away pile.  It was perfect- so soft, but still very strong for use in a hot pad.


Project #6: Little Lamb Pillow

Today, I bring you my girly version of the Little Lamb Pillow.  This was seriously one of the fastest and most immediately pleasing projects of the summer.  I think I had the whole thing cut, sewn and filled within an hour.  And it turned out adorable!!  I love it!!


And now for the details:

Who: Well if the pictures below are any indication, this one may go to the dog.

What: I used this pattern and tutorial from The Purl Bee.

Brief Tangent- have you checked out Purl Soho’s website (The Purl Bee) before?  It’s one of my absolute favorite spots to go for crafting inspiration.  They have a wonderful collection of sewing, crocheting, knitting (and more) projects for all skill levels.  As a newbie knitter, I’ve had success with their knitting projects.  Also as a long-time crocheter, I’ve found their patterns super easy to follow.  And, of course, their sewing projects are also really unique and inspired.  Really, I can’t say enough good things about this site.

Cost: Nothing.  I had the pink felt from the winter and the white felt was leftover from my tree skirt.  I even had just enough stuffing sitting around to finish this off.  I love when a project works out like this.

Before you go, I originally planned to photograph this on the couch with a blanket.  However, Mollie had other ideas as you can see.  What a cutie!!


When the Elephant Walks

Book Quote


I love the idea of giving books to children.  When the Elephant Walks is creative and funny.  I love the illustrations.  It’ll be the perfect book to go along with this elephant plushie.  Together, these are headed off for a special little guy’s birthday.20140510-164956.jpg

Making Baby Doll Clothes

photo-12Who: For a dear friend’s daughter.

What: I used the patterns and tutorials from The Blueberry Moon’s Nakey Baby series to make these.

I searched high and low to find free patterns for Bitty Baby doll clothes to make.  Blueberry Moon’s tutorial seemed easy to follow and looked super cute. In the end, I used a copy machine to blow the pattern up slightly.  The blanket used up scraps from making the doll clothes.

I would definitely make these again.